Our overall mission is to improve the “Quality of Life” for all, through the introduction of energy saving systems into the commercial and private transportation market. Systems designed by Power Products, LLC are focused on reducing energy required for over the road or rail applications that provides value added products to our clients.

Company Overview: Primary feature of our company is developing patented technologies designed to develop motion for vehicles using the least amount of energy possible from the drivetrain and primary power source of a vehicle. Applying our technology to operation of over the road vehicles within the transportation industry will result in reduced energy utilization to operate. Adaptability of this technology includes all rolling stock; highway and railroad vehicles, and powered or non-powered equipment. As you learn and understand technology we are developing it is essential to remember the energy required to create or maintain motion for a vehicle does not change; unique technology being developed reduces the energy required from the primary engine to power the drivetrain to develop and maintain motion for the vehicle.

Technology being developed conforms to laws of Motion and Physics as the systems develop a level of reaction force that adds to force being provided by the drivetrain to create motion. Force developed as potential energy adds to force developed by the primary power source to propel the vehicle. With increasing levels of potential energy developed it allows the weight of the vehicle and its load to no longer be just ‘dead weight’ that has to be transported. This process allows a portion of the vehicle’s weight to be converted into ‘usable force’ that assists the effort of creating motion. This technology is an innovative system that incorporates a unique application of leverage and ratios that combine to allow naturally occurring actions and reactions to work together to build a positive force to assist in the process of creating motion.

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