We are in the business of designing energy efficient systems for the transportation industry to reduce energy, improve fuel economy and reduce pollution which reduces the affects of Global Warming. Our commitment is to create the next generation of efficient highway vehicles and applications for the commercial and public transportation industry.

Solution for Fuel Economy, Pollution and Global Warming:
If you are concerned and want to improve fuel economy you cannot afford not to take a look at a system we want to introduce as the ‘Easy Go Trailer (EGT)’. This system is an upgrade of the original Load Reduction System (LRS) which has a revised installation process allowing easier operation that extends range of operation for the tractor and trailer combination.

Why will this system be considered a solution for fuel economy? When you understand how this system can reduce the energy required to operate a trailer for over the highway operation by 80%, then it will become clear this system can be considered as a solution for fuel economy, pollution and global warming. With an 80% reduction in energy, additional benefits will ensue in the form of significant fuel and pollution reduction allowing present ‘in-place systems’ to continue reducing any pollutants that may still be in the exhaust. Significance of the system being offered for the transportation industry will provide the largest reduction in fuel usage in the history of the transportation industry. Operation of the EGT can affect economics of the United States and has potential to affect world economics once introduced.

Economics for each tractor and trailer operating with the EGT with an 80% energy reduction will affect fuel economy by providing a significantly reduced loading effect against the tractor’s drivetrain. This reduced load will save $46,154 for every 100,000 miles of highway operation for ‘each’ class 8 tractor and trailer. Calculations are based on a 6.5 mpg average and a cost of $3.75 per gallon ($57,692 x 80% = 46,154). For a class 8 tractor this level of fuel economy improvement has ‘never been possible’ until discovery of a new system that breaks preconceived concepts. After reviewing our data it will become clear an 80% reference is achievable. Technology being introduced is patent protected which confirms this system is ‘functional and is not a frivolous’ design certified by issue of the patent.

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