Job Opportunities
Introduction of systems to improve fuel economy will require a multitude of new jobs to facilitate the installation, service, maintenance, marketing, sales, and staff to manage and operate a national organization. Majority of positions will be for technicians that will be installing or modifying the devices and vehicles. Modifications that are planned will not require a degree and thus anyone who is willing to learn the process can become very proficient. This technology is adaptable to nearly any device or vehicles that utilize wheels for motion. Our energy reduction systems are not limited to any one segment and include the entire commercial and public transportation industry. Furthermore, adaptability of technology being developed can be applied to none-powered devices such as trailers, box cars or farm equipment.

Following close to beta testing will also be systems delivered to local fleets to allow them to experience the same type of energy reduction that will result in fuel savings from our retrofit application. For fleet operation the cost of the system will pay for itself through avoided cost of fuel reducing the high volume of fuel that is normally required for heavy-duty vehicles operating over the highway systems.

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